Filming on a Tiny Budget: Part Deux

Recently, in Filming on a Tiny Budget: Part One, we looked at some example feature narratives and documentaries that have gained acclaim, despite their lack of budgets. Such films as Eraserhead, Primer and Tarnation were big conversation pieces in and outside of the film world, and they cost very little to make.

This post will provide you with some resources that may help you get your movie made the way you want, without sacrificing all the money you don’t have!

Move Your Camera

Many times, the camera’s movement (or poor movement) can distinguish an obviously low-budget piece from a professional work. There is a way to obtain smooth camera motion, with just a trip to the hardware store.

One way to add production value to your movie is to use a table dolly for tracking shots, and this you can actually make yourself, for around $20! It won’t be as amazing as a professional track system, but you can still pull off some great shots with this little guy. Frugal Filmmaker shows you how, and also shows some examples of what it looks like here:

Another fun tool that you can make for cheap to spice up your production is a slider. This requires a bit more time to make and an additional tripod (or at least a ladder), but its much cheaper than purchasing a ready-made system, as RigWheels illustrates:

SonnyBoo.com also has some free resources to make your movie stand out as a professional piece, including release forms, royalty free music, images and even some stock videos.

:::::: Ready?! Set?! Shoot!!

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  1. Love the DIY slider and dolly. Great resource for filmmakers on a budget. We’ve got affordable music for licensing.

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