Filmmaking Tips for Brief Commercials


This is a great example of a brief commercial that is clear on message and presents sharp editing and thought out shots.
Let me break it down.


Keep It Simple, Silly (KISS)

Before working on the production of your advertisement, figure out the main message of the advertisement and stick to during the editing process.

Every submitted advertisement should have a short and simple message that gets your point across. If your advertisement is about how high Michael Jordan can jump because of Nike, just stick to talking about Nike and Michael Jordan. Don’t spend a lot of time talking about or showing anything else. It confuses the audience and if the audience is confused, their focus is lost and they’re not going to invest any time into learning about the product.


What Shots are Paramount?

When it comes time to the filming phase of production some filmmaker’s vision become scattered and unfocused if they haven’t prepped or planned anything concerning shot order or shot amount. Without any time devoted to –  “what shots are paramount for this advertisement?” The quality of the advertisement will decrease greatly.

So, before filming, filmmakers should stop and plan what shots are paramount to tell the story this advertisement requires. With this prep time the quality of commercial should be greatly improved, production speed will increase, morale will stay high, and most importantly the advertisement produced will be brief and focused.


Sharp Editing

“Fix it in post” is a common phrase around first time filmmakers. These filmmakers believe their mistakes can be covered through editing and sometimes they can and some times they can’t. But what does the best job with the lousy footage is sharp editing.

Sharp editing  can mean anything. Anything from, tightening takes in a time sequence or cutting out anything that’s not essential to the ad.  With sharp editing, any commercial can go from looking lackadaisical to professional.


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