Filmmaking Tips for Great Sound


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When it comes to sound in filmmaking, it’s one of the most important aspects of any production but at times sound can be an easy thing to overlook. And when sound is glazed over in a production, the film can suffer heavily. But don’t fret! Here are some tips and tricks to getting that great sound quality your video deserves.

First off, there are many ways to record sound for your video and some are more preferable than others. You can either:

Purchase a Boom Mic Kit:

A boom mic kit gets the best sound opposed to the alternatives. However, the amount of equipment requires additional labor and the added cost of such equipment can be well in the thousands.

"The Shotgun Microphone               Boompole                  Two Microphone Cables                                               Nagra VI                        Shotgun Mic Mount


[Clockwise from the Left: Shotgun Microphone, Microphone Boom Pole, Microphone Cables, Microphone Holder, and an Audio Recording Decive]





Purchase an Attachable Microphone:

An attachable microphone, mounted to any camcorder is easy to set up and easy to use. It’s less expensive than an entire boom kit, and the microphone is essentially the same as the one in the boom kit. However, The resulting sound will not be as focused compared to the boom kit, but it is better than the built in microphone.


Attachable Microphone

[An Attachable Microphone is a shotgun microphone that come with a mount to fasten itself to the camcorder]


Once you’ve chosen your preferable sound recording set up, import all of the sound into the editing program of your choice.


Here’s an added tip – make sure, before you cut up all of your raw video clips, that the sound is lowered or raised to the range between -12dB or -6dB. Those are the levels where the sound is most clear and pleasing hear.


Happy Filming! Hope these tips were helpful.


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