Filmmaking Tips for Working with Actors



When it comes to filmmaking, great acting can make any idea or piece of dialogue seem realistic.

That’s why it’s important to know how to talk to actors when working with them.
Here are some tips:

Be Heavy on the Compliments:

Acting is a nerve-racking experience, that’s why whenever a take is finished the first thing you need to do as a director is compliment your actor.

Even if the take is unusable, a compliment will help an actor relax. They have to move around in front of a group of strangers, who are staring directly at them, judging every move they make, what they need is encouragement and support.

Give Notes:

After you’ve used the tool of flattery to put your actor(s) into a calming state, the perfect time to give them notes would be here.

Starting off with notes forces more pressure on the actors, making them feel like nothing they just displayed for you was usable. Working your way up to notes after a sincere list of compliments is always choice for a comfortable performance.

Get Their Opinion:

When all the notes are said and received you should always try to ask how they’re feeling about their own performance.

Most of the time, an actor will say it was great, but that’s only because they need to have faith in themselves to keep acting. You have to try and find out their real opinions about how they just performed.

A true answer will come through only if your actors truly trust you and for that I recommend bonding time before working on a set.
Once trust between you and your actor is developed, you’ll get honest opinions and great performances.




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