Final Cut Pro X Gets a Rewrite

I’d like to know who uses Final Cut. I only used it once while I was working for DirecTV. We used it to string together long reels of pay per view commercials. You know–the ones that run on the pay per view channels for hours and hours.

We used Avid for cutting the actual commercials. At any rate, for some reason or another I’ve always been partial to Premiere. Probably because my editing class used premiere.

The new version of Final Cut Pro came out with the suffix “X”. It’s a complete rewrite of the entire application. Some people are pretty upset by this because they thought that improving what they had before was what should have been done. You can really upset a community if you completely ignore their suggestions. I’ve seen it happen.

For more on this check out the well thought out blog by Matt Toder. This guy was using Final cut and now looks like he’s going back to Avid.

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