Important Changes to Allrecipes.com Firehouse Cooks Contest!


Several changes have been made in the Allrecipes.com “Firehouse Cooks” video contest that may be of importance to you!

First of all, the contest deadline has been extended from August 7th until September 18th. If you have already started filming, or if you are a quick worker, there is now a $500 early entry prize for the best entry submitted before 4:00 PM PST on August 7th.

Second, the time requirement for the video has been reduced to 2-6 minutes, from the original 4-6 minutes.

Third, the firehouse featured in the winning submission will get an additional $1000 donated to the 501(c)3 charity of their choice from Zooppa.

Allrecipes.com is looking for talented filmmakers, and they are interested in giving future assignments based on the quality of work in this contest.

We want of all of you to have the chance to succeed, so if you are interested in participating but are having trouble finding a firehouse to shoot your video in, please email support@zooppa.com, and we will do our best to help you out.

Good luck, and we can’t wait to see your videos!

Andrew Healey

Meme E

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