Five Advertising No-No’s that Won’t Impress Your Client

You make videos to win awesome prizes and cash, right? My mission is to help you by offering some words of wisdom. Here are five common advertising no-no’s that won’t impress the client sponsoring the competition:

1.) Ignore the main idea:

Absolutely under no circumstance should you forget to highlight what makes the product or service distinct from the competition. Advertisers and marketers call this the “Unique Selling Point ” (USP) of the product. The backbone of a product or service is its USP. It’s what makes the consumer choose this specific product over its competition. In Zooppa contests, clients usually provide the USP in the details of the contest.

2.) “Whoever said white is the new pink was seriously disturbed.”

For those of you who aren’t into chick flicks, that’s my own ad lib on a great line in “Legally Blonde.” It speaks truth; there is nothing blander than white walls as a scene backdrop.

Biologically, the human eye is drawn to color, which triggers emotion and remembering. It tells your brain “hey! This is important!” A simple change of scene with a pop of color will make your video more memorable to clients.

3.) Quantity does not equal quality:

I’ll make my point quick here. If there were an official advertising manual, Shakespeare’s proverb “brevity is the soul of wit” would be on page one. No one enjoys watching a video that makes their brain ache with information overload.

4.) Not all audience members are the same:

Let’s face it: no matter how genius your video is, if its not directed to the correct audience, it’s not going to fly with the client. If your task is to promote, say a phone, know who your target audience is. If it’s to the teeny-bopping generation, use their language; connect with them. Throw in commonly used acronyms, or highlight how they can use apps to watch the latest Justin Bieber music video.

On the contrary, if you’re audience is older; they likely won’t understand “LOL”… and even more likely they won’t be interested in teen sensation pop stars. Highlight the functionality, and how they can connect with loved ones via video-chat.

5.) Having a ‘meh’ title:

The title may be the last thing on your mind when creating your video, but it’s what the client sees first. A brilliant video should have a matching brilliant title. Remember, putting a little extra bit of thought into writing a clever title will go a long way, so don’t leave it to the last minute.

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