Five Famous Lions

In honor of our Detroit Lions “The Season of Your Life” competition, I thought it might be fun to take a look at some famous lions who have entertained and thrilled us through the years.

1: The MGM lion

The MGM Lion, also known in his fifth incarnation as Leo the Lion, has been the mascot for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer since around 1924.  I would venture to say that no lion has been featured in the cinema more than the MGM lion, and that fact alone earns him the top spot on our famous lion list.

2: The Cowardly Lion

In terms of name recognition, the Cowardly Lion was the first to pop into my head, and for good reason.  One of the most beloved characters of the most beloved movies in cinema history, The Wizard of Oz. Portrayed by Bert Lahr, and including many of his vaudeville bits, he’s become a go-to impression for many a stand-up comic. I bet he’d make a great king of the forest.

3: The Lion King

Whether we’re talking Mufasa or Simba, these two lions are the king-iest of them all.  This movie is the best production of Hamlet as portrayed by lions ever.  I like to imagine this scene as Darth Vader giving advice to Randy from Home Improvement.

4: Christian the Lion

A lion purchased from a department store and reintroduced to the wild. Then the people who sent him back out in the world went back to see if he’d remember them, and Christian welcomed them with open arms paws. And hearts were warmed worldwide.

5: The Detroit Lions

Originally the Portsmouth Spartans, they moved to Detroit in 1934 and have been grid-ironing ever since.  Lions fans are as loyal as they come, and gosh darn it if the joy in this video doesn’t bring a tear to my eye.

This last video is a great example of some of the cathartic footage that we want to see in “The Season of Your Life” video contest. Show us those moments of commiserating, of friendship, of bonding between people in living rooms everywhere as they experience the high and the lows of the 2012-2013 Detroit Lions season. Check out the contest here!

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