Fly That Rocket To The MOON

Admit it. You’ve always wanted to build a flying machine out of cardboard. Or tunnel through the center of the earth.

Well guess what: we can make that happen.

Zooppa and Red Bull are teaming up to make one crazy dream come true. In the biggest, boldest way you can think of, tell us your awesome idea. The grand-prize winner will get their idea made into reality, and get $5,000.

Sound good? We think so.

Red Bull: Dream Big video contest rules

  • Your idea must be original (and awesome)
  • Don’t include any logos or music that you do not own (Red Bull logos are OK)
  • Deadline is May 23rd
  • Videos must be 30 seconds or less
  • You must be 18+ to enter
  • US and Canadian residents only
  • Submit to both Zooppa and Red Bull
  • Read Red Bull’s complete contest rules here

Hint: This contest is about the quality of the idea. A webcam capture of an awesome idea has a better chance of winning than an HD delivery of something boring.

Submit yours now!

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