Football: Not Just for Dudes

Football’s not just for the dudes out there — ladies can throw a pigskin and get rough and tumble too! “Powderpuff” football got its start in 1945 at Eastern State Teachers College in South Dakota, when a group of young women decided that if they were going to have a Homecoming, they ought to have a football game of their own as well.

These days, powderpuff football is a nation-wide phenomenon, maybe best known for its annual Blondes vs. Brunette charity games held in sixteen cities all over the United States. High schools often hold matches between junior and senior girls, with boys from the schools athletic terms leading the cheers and shaking the pom-poms.

It’s not all powderpuffs, though –the 1990s and 2000s saw the creation of a number of semi-professional women’s football leagues, including the Independent Women’s Football League, the Women’s Professional Football League, and the Women’s Football Alliance.

And these girls are not messing around: they snap, scrimmage, and tackle with as much ferocity as any guy’s team!

So ladies, grab your cameras, your jerseys, and your football, and show the guys who’s boss! Show us your “Hut, Hut Hut” by entering the Pizza Hut contest on Zooppa!

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