Free GarageBand for the PC

After a few hours of internet research without blinking (that first blink hurts, man) I finally found a free alternative to Mac’s GarageBand, the ever handy musical program that lets you compose original and pretty awesome music for your project.

Linux MultiMedia Studio is completely free program lets you do what GarageBand does. It also has a bunch of different and unique instrument plug-ins with which to make songs and loops. One of my faves is the Freeboy plug-in which emulates the sound chip from a Nintendo Game boy.

The only thing that it doesn’t have are the preset loops. You have to compose loops yourself. However, this program makes it really easy. There are paid programs out there that have the preset loops you can use in entries to commercial video contests like the ones we have on Zooppa.com. The cheapest I found was Sony’s ACID Music Studio for $65.00. It comes with 3,000 preset loops. Google it to find out more.

Click the image above to get you to the LMMS website and check out the video below to learn the basics of LMMS. When you use LMMS don’t forget to output as a WAV file to use it in your film competition projects.

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  1. Thank you so much! This has been extremely helpful and I cannot wait to try out the new softwares.
    Thank you again! :D

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