Free PhotoShop Online – Pixlr

Your paper is due in 10 minutes. You need the perfect image. But Creative Commons is full of zoomed-out, irrelevant images with a horse in the way. What do you do?

Copy that URL and whiz over to pixlr.com. It is quite simply the best free PhotoShop online. It’s lightweight and has all the features you need, without weighing menus down with stuff you’ll never use. The best part? It’s in a browser. No downloading or logins to forget.

Pixlr’s awesome, lightweight format is perfect for quick crop, caption, and resize work. It also has funky vintage effects (think Instagram) and a library feature. But its enduring awesomeness comes from its lightweight, super-quick basics.

You’ll be in, out and edited before PhotoShop even finishes loading.

This post is not sponsored by Pixlr or anyone. We just think it’s awesome. 

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