Friday Recap 2/24

Howdy cowpokes! We’ve had a big week here at Zooppa HQ. Are you also ready to flop gasping onto the welcoming shore of the weekend?

Cool! Then we won’t hold you up.

Real quick, here’s what went down in Zooppa-land this week.

Contests Closed

We just closed What Is Luxury?, a super-quick 7 day contest. There’s some cool entries y’all put together! Look out for winners to be announced quickly too.

We also saw End of the World close on Monday. Now we know how it will happen! …Wait, almost none of you agreed. Crap–this means we have to CHOOSE how it will end. Oh dear, that’s much worse. Did someone say “we all died quietly in our sleep”?

Contests Closing 

You can still choose how YOU think the world should end. Voting closes on Monday. Choose your favorites now!

That is all. Go forth and party!

Meme E

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