Friday Recap 2/3

Happy Friday, cowpokes!

Here at the Zooppa offices, we are eagerly awaiting the Super Bowl. Not because we’re big sports fans. Because we are ad nerds. Are you an ad nerd TOO? If so, follow #brandbowl on Twitter all day Sunday and snark in real time.

Here’s what to look out for in fun-flavored events.

Upcoming Contest Closings

The End of the World contest is closing in just about two weeks.

Do you have insider info on how the world will end? Tip us off before Feb. 21!

National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Tomorrow (February 4) is the hallowed day. Start early and continue all morning. We recommend maple bacon flavor for continuity.

And that’s all the news fit to print. Join us Sunday night for  a rehash of the best Super Bowl ads.

Happy weekend!


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