Friday recap

tech deck video contest


Happy Friday, cowpokes! You’ve made it through another week. January is almost over! Did you know that Listerine was first marketed as an antiseptic?


Go forth and fill your head with trivia for the next two days, kids, because it’s the weekend! 


Here’s what went down at Zooppa HQ this week:


Contests Closed

From Chemistry To Energy closed on Monday the 23rd. Congratulations to everyone who submitted! There’s some awesome stuff in there–go watch!


Contests Opened

Tech Deck opened today. Show off how these tiny skateboards allow you to skate wherever and whenever, even in the heart of no-skate zones. Stick it to the man with your video by April 2!


P.S. Jen Chiu’s winning video for Siemens is up for a TED Award! Watch it and vote it up!


And that’s all the good news from us today. Have a great weekend, y’all!

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