Friday Roundup 2/10

Howdy Zooppa readers! Welcome to another installment of you made it to Friday! 

Enjoy this awesome photo of underwater dogs.

See more at Little Friends Photo.

So how was YOUR week? We always talk about us. We want to hear about YOU this time.


OK, so you’re shy. That’s fine.

While you’re thinking of something to say, here’s what went down in the Zooppa offices this week.

Winners Announced

From Chemistry to Energy video contest winners were announced! Congratulations are due to Tyler (a.k.a. tdepke), for his awesome stop-motion video. He did a great job of “show, don’t tell” on the benefits of natural, renewable gas energy. Give him some love in the comments.

Contests Closing Soon

End of the World is drawing nigh. Look out! Don’t walk under any ladders, or anger any black cats. Believe me, they take it personally. Additionally, tell us how it’s gonna go down by Monday, Feb. 21. If you wait too long and the world ends before you submit, now that would just be embarrassing.

Meme E

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