Friday Roundup 2/17

Howdy, cowpokes! Well, you’ve gosh darn done it again. You made it to Friday!

Here at Zooppa Headquarters, we’re stoked to say that spring is almost here! We’re celebrating by putting on our superhero capes and running around the office making “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!” noises.

In other news, here’s what went down during the rest of the week:

Contests Opening

We’re pleased to announce the What Is Luxury? contest opened today. Create an interview-style video, up to two minutes long, where your luxury consumer subject talks about luxury in today’s world. (Hint: they should look like they know what they’re talking about.) This contest is a super quick one: just 7 days long! Submit your entry by 11:59 p.m. PST on Friday, Feb. 24. There are $10,000 in prizes.

New contest Your Earth, Your Dream, Your Action for Siemens will open on Monday, Feb. 20! Show how you would change the world for the greener. Include background info on your team so when you win, we can tell everybody how awesome you are. Entries can be up to 4 minutes long, and must be in HD. Send in your entries by Wednesday, May 16!

Winners Announced 

We announced the Betfair winners this week. Wooo! Congratulations to selu, who took home a cool $5,000. And well done by willyk also, who made two winning videos for $4,700! You done good, fellas!

Contests Closing Soon

The End of the World is ending! All entries are due at 4 p.m. PST on Tuesday, Feb. 21. This is your final weekend. Go out there and tell us how it’s gonna go down!

And that’s all from us. Happy filming, everybody!

Meme E

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