Friday Roundup



Happy Friday, cowpokes! Congratulations: you made it! 

Here at the Zooppa offices, we’re happy that yesterday was the Shortest Day of the Year. Zooppa headquarters are in Seattle, so we’re happy the days will be lengthening now. (Yesterday’s sunset was at 4:20 p.m., and that’s just ridiculous.)

This is the current news in Zooppaland:

Contests Closed

Betfair’s voting contest closed on Monday the 19th. We’re sorting through the votes now, and should have winners for you soon. (Client winners are expected in mid-January.)

Contests Closing Soon

MyCube voting will close on Monday, Dec. 26 at 4 p.m. PST. Pester your friends one last time for their votes.

From everybody at the Zooppa office, we wish you the best holiday season. GET SOME GOOD PRESENTS Y’HEAR?

Jasmine Moore

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