Friday Wrap Up, Round Up, Summary, Whatzit 3/2

Howdy Howdy Zooppa Trooppas!

So you want to know what happened this week, do ya? Well then, have you come to the right place.

1: Zooppa staff settled into the new office!  And our red couch?  It’s blue now. Our walls are a pristine white. Any recommendations about surviving the “New Paint” smell are appreciated.

2: End of the World as You Show It community voting ended, but voting from Zooppa staff continues and results should be announced Monday 3/5.

3: Check it out! Three awesome contests live on Zooppa! It’s Just Not Breakfast Without Milk, Never Stop Skating, and Your Earth, Your Dream, Your Action Submit, submit, submit!

And now, till next Friday, the roundup bids you a happy weekend. Keep on Zooppin’.

Meme E

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