From Value to Valuable: The Hyundai Transition

Hyundai is “making the transition from a value brand to a valuable brand,” says John Krafcik, CEO of Hyundai Motor America.

That might sound like a questionable business move for a company that is synonymous with inexpensive cars. But with record breaking sales each month, and being the world’s seventh largest car manufacturer, Hyundai is facing an unusual problem. They can’t make enough cars for the demand. Of course, this is a pretty good problem to have.

So how to continue to see your business grow without making more products? Quality build has always been there, but what else can be done? Redesign your cars, start innovating with new features and fuel-efficient models, and start appealing to a different user base. That last step directly applies to you and the Checkered Flag: Hyundai Zooppa contest!

Checkered Flag truly embodies what Hyundai is, and will become in the future. Named the fastest growing auto brand, Hyundai is a brand that is appealing to a young, urban professional cliental that values design, innovation, and quality products. Checkered flag takes all of that, and adds customer interaction and satisfaction. Make an ad for Checkered Flag Hyundai, a brand that is fun and appealing!

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