GA Creative Guest Post: Sometimes, You Just Have to Laugh

A wise woman once said to me during a time of great distress for her, “if you don’t laugh, then you’re just going to cry.” Perhaps the stress in someone’s life and the amount of laughter they need are inversely proportional – the harder life gets, the harder you need to laugh. Laughter certainly doesn’t keep us alive, but it can help us maintain our sanity.

I thought about this at work yesterday as we watched some of our favorite Superbowl ads on the big screen. From the ETRADE babies, to the cute Doritos kid with his strict house rules, to Monster.com’s fiddle-playing beaver – the one thing the ads all had in common was that they made us laugh. Within the span of a few minutes, we had been transported into these crazy, hilarious dimensions where babies buy stock and fiddle-playing beavers date supermodels. And those funny commercials are the ones I remember best.

Today’s advertisers can be impressively attuned to what people need. Digital media – particularly humorous TV ads and viral videos – often give us that much needed diversion from our everyday lives. As a part of the advertising industry, I see the importance in understanding what your audience wants and creating something that really speaks to them. And as a consumer, I admire the effort that companies put into creating something that grabs my attention and makes me laugh.

At my company, GA Creative, I am constantly impressed by how well my colleagues are able to take simple direction from our clients and translate that into incredible advertising and branding projects that deliver a specific message in a funny and memorable way. A couple of my favorites are the humorous “Bugs, Bumps and Bruises” cartoon direct mailers we design for Franciscan Health System’s St. Anthony Hospital Prompt Care, and the Comcast direct mailers, “The Dynamic Duo Strikes Again” and the “Sensational Shoe Shopper.” You can check them out here.

While I can’t say for sure that all the companies creating ads that make their consumers laugh will actually be more successful than their non-humorous counterparts, customers don’t frequently forget the companies that made them laugh. That has to mean something, right?

Jamie Walters, Writer for GA Creative
With a background in marketing and public relations for companies in the software, consumer electronics and green technology industries, Jamie is passionate about incorporating her creative sensibilities and technical insight into her work. She joined GA Creative last November and has been busy writing copy and creating strategic messaging documents, thriving on the challenge of a new project. Jamie has written for Microsoft, Franciscan Health System, Toshiba, HD DVD Promotion Group and Verdiem.

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