Get yer music here: Zooppa’s Pro Soundtracks

Hey kids,

We’ve got some exciting news to improve your video contest entries. From now on, select contests will offer high-quality professional scores to use in your Zooppa videos. We’re pleased to announce we’re partnering with Friendly Music to make their service available to you at a serious discount.

Music is a huge storytelling tool for filmmakers–as important as your actors or editing. A great choice elevates a scene from good to breathtaking. A crappy choice can destroy it completely.

Make your next Zooppa entry breathtaking with the new Pro Soundtracks option:

1.  Preview the available tracks within the contest brief.
2. Choose one, and click “purchase for $1.99.”
3. Enter your payment details and purchase your song.
4. Check your email! You’ll receive an email with an attachment (your music), plus a license number.
5. Copy+Paste the license number into your Zooppa video description field. 

When browsing the available tracks, note they’re sorted by mood. (Here you have Inspirational and Science/Gadget types.) Friendly Music will offer custom lists for each contest.

***Note: each track is several minutes long, so you may be able to fulfill several different needs with just one track. Look at you, being all thrifty!***

Cool Option, Bro? 

What do you think? Will you be checking out this new option for your Zooppa entries?

Or are you happy with your current music options? If so, what are you using?

Meme E

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