Getting consumers to love your advertising

The advertising industry continues to thrive, however it leaves consumers feeling slightly annoyed at the overplayed and constant ads popping up wherever they go. Your target audience now has the ability to opt out of advertisements and have complete control over their media experience. Not only do they have the ability to opt out of advertisements, but the majority of consumers actually choose to do so. Ad blockers are so common now, so the question is, how is it possible to get an audience to actually view the ad you spent big bucks on?

Consumers opt out of advertising today because they don’t see or understand the value behind them anymore. Your advertisements need to be able to provide consumers with something that they absolutely cannot find anywhere else. Chris Glushko, marketer at the Interactive Advertising Bureau, claims that it is imperative for advertising agencies to complement the media experience, not compete against it.

Check out the full article from Marketing Land, and to see how our creatives at Zooppa connect the brand to the consumer.

Times Square by Damianos Chronakis is under creative commons 2.0


Chantal Wong

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