Google Lens: Utilize Augmented Reality

Google recently announced it’s big push into Augmented Reality via Google Lens.

google lens

This brand new technology is called Google Lens, and according to the company, it’s a way to use your phone’s camera to search for information. Think of it like this: point your camera to a restaurant and you can take a look at all the reviews and pricing information on your phone’s screen. Or you can point it to a flower and Google well tell you what kind it is. Point your camera to a book and you can learn all about the author and read a variety of reviews.

“We can give you the right information in a meaningful way.” – Sundar Pichai, CEO

Google isn’t the first tech company to jump into the AR world; Snapchat was the first to create fun little AR face stickers that made you vomit rainbows or transform yourself into a partial dog. Facebook and Instagram were quick to follow suit. Sure, this sort of augmented reality brought smiles to our faces but Google is the first tech company to approach AR in a completely different way: utility.

Being a search engine giant, Google is essentially trying to take its big data and making it 3D. This isn’t a huge step for Google, considering it already knows so much about you and the world.

“It’s our core mission, accessing the world’s information,” Gummi Hafsteinsson, product lead for the Assistant, said in an interview, citing Google’s mission statement. “Images are just another part of that.”

Jasmine Moore

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