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I’m torn. Really, I am. On the one hand there’s Forbes, declaring “Google+ is Doomed”. On the other, Wired is telling me “Why Google+ Pages (Will) Beat Facebook. And Twitter.” It hasn’t taken off as a social network… yet. Will Google find social success through business pages? And if so, should filmmakers join in on the fun?

As a small-business tool, Google+ has a lot going for it.  For one, members can connect via intuitive video chat, so your spare-bedroom/office-working virtual employees can meet easily and professionally. And because Google+ is still growing, your company’s posts should show up nice and clear on your followers’ news feeds with out soon being overtaken by announcements from a million other pages. The site is also completely integrated with Google’s search engine which apparently makes finding things easier.

And Google Docs? I bow down at their feet. Say you have to edit a major report as part of a team? Now imagine you can have everyone on the team looking at the document and making their own edits at once? It saves the million headaches of saving different versions of something and sending it back and forth across cyberspace.  Google docs is like crowdsourcing your company’s talent through spreadsheets and community calendars.

How can all this benefit a business? There are two major benefits I’m finding. The video conferencing with up to ten coworkers in hangouts seems to be the biggest. If you need to discuss something one on one but find the walk to another cubicle too far you can also use Google+ to video call your office neighbor (though, really, you can also do this with Skype as well).

The second benefit is the biggest for filmmakers. As mentioned above, is the integration of Google+ pages into Google’s search engine. This means pages can easily be found in Google searches and posts on different topics will also be found in random searches. More visibility on the web is usually a good thing. Most importantly, Google + syncs directly to YouTube. So someone who views your profile page will automatically be able to link to your YouTube page (though, really, you can also do this with Facebook as well)

So should you create a filmmaker profile on Google+? A rule of thumb tends to be to go where the people are.  The most recent statistic I could find said there were 25 million users on Google+. Okay, so it’s not as gluttonous as Facebook, but still a pretty big audience. Setting up a profile takes only a few minutes, so really, why not?

For more on the features of Google+, check out this blog post by TechLunatic.

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