Google’s has a new VR Camera

And they really want you to try it. 

What is Halo?

Google’s newest VR camera is being developed and will cost a whopping $17,000. The company hopes that the camera will help create more content and will eventually lead to a wider consumer adoption of virtual reality, since one of the biggest issues in the VR world is that it simply lacks content.

The camera is being developed by Yi, a Chinese company, and it will include 17 individual cameras–16 of the cameras are arranged in a ring. It costs $2,000 more than Odyssey, Google’s previous camera system, but it includes a top-facing camera, is much lighter and more portable, and includes its own internal battery.

Halo is designed to target film professionals, and Google and a handful of other companies see this as an opportunity to generate more VR content. Since many filmmakers can’t afford these fancy and expensive VR cameras, Google is starting a program called Jump Start that will let people actually apply for a Halo for free including the software to make VR films.

Jasmine Moore

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