Grist 2, The Funniest Video Competition

Calling all Zooppers! The sequel to our original competition with Grist is up and running. This competition is open to video entries only and we’re looking for comedy. Grist specializes in delivering hard environmental news with a much needed dose of humor and snarky wit. They need ads that reflect that spirit. Nobody ever said saving the planet couldn’t be fun, after all. So this is your chance to flex your funny muscles, polish your delivery, and compete for the Zooppa Funniest Video Award.

The Zoopper who uploads the video that gets us laughing the loudest, even as it convinces us we ought to carpool to work tomorrow, will pocket a cool 500 Zoop$. If your entry in the original Grist competition was good for a laugh, please resubmit it for the Funniest Video Competition.

This competition will be open until April 12th. Check out the creative brief for Grist 2, and get to work.

Meme E

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