Guest Judges to View MegaPath Videos!

Hey Zooppers!

MegaPath Tech talk contest is now front and center in the Zooppa scene because guest judges have been called upon to take a look at your creative work.

Here are the Judges!

Jason Falls

Jason Falls is a father, husband and thinker, most of the latter being on social media, public relations and communications for clients of his consultancy and readers of his popular industry blog, Social Media Explorer. He is co-founder and president of Social Media Club Louisville.

Brandon Rae

Brandon, a Lead Producer at MTV Networks, works on the channel’s www.nextmovie.com presentations on criticizing Twilight as a boy’s club, which fictional character Twitterfeeds you should be following (Voldemort), and the unfailing hotness of Helen Mirren.

Zack Jerome

Zack is the founder of the ridiculously funny and award-winning blog Lost Angeles, which has gained him a cult following all across the country. When he is not composing captivating recaps of the Bachelorette, he is busy as the digital strategic lead at top ad agency TBWA/Chiat/Day. Zack is also a frequent contributor to LAist.com.

Bryan Zug

Bryan Zug has been a staple member of the booming Seattle creative industry for over a decade with such companies as pinch/zoom, Methodologie, and Phinney Bischoff Design House. Zug’s newest endeavor is as a strategist and producer for Bootstrapper Studios. He serves as the strategic advisor to Lilipip, a Seattle production company, as well as the video producer for Ignite Seattle.

And for good measure here are the awards:

1st Place Client Award

2nd Place Client Award

3rd Place Client Award

4th Place Client Award

5th Place Client Award

6th Place Client Award

7th Place Client Award

8th Place Client Award

9th Place Client Award

10th Place Client Award

11th Place Client Award

12th Place Client Award

13th Place Client Award

14th Place Client Award

Voter Awards – Winners are chosen by the Zooppa community

1st Place Voter Award

2nd Place Voter Award

3rd Place Voter Award

4th Place Voter Award

5th Place Voter Award

IT Professionals – Special prizes for IT professionals, awarded by MegaPath

1st Place IT Consultant Award

2nd Place IT Consultant Award

3rd Place IT Consultant Award

IT Jargon Contest Winner Award

Sharing awards – Winners are chosen at random from everyone who qualifies

3 Sharing Awards $500 each

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