Haiti Competition Wraps Up

Last week, the Haiti competition closed, and I want to thank everyone who participated in this campaign.

When disaster broke in Haiti, the Zooppa community found themselves in the same position of millions of people around the world. We wanted to help, but felt helpless to do so. The Zooppa community members who made up the “Zooppers-Onlus” production group lead the charge to use the Zooppa platform to try to raise awareness and money.

Together, the Zooppa community created 167 different print and video ads, asking the world to help Haiti. These ads were seen more than 12,000 times on Zooppa alone.

I’d like to ask anyone who created for this contest to add stories about where they posted their ads, and what kinds of reaction they got to them.

And just because the contest is over doesn’t mean you can’t continue to display your Haiti ads off of Zooppa. Obviously there is much work to be done.

Thanks for participating!

Meme E

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