Happy Social Media Day!



Happy Social Media Day, everyone! Celebrate by giving us your input.

Tell us:

Which are your favorite social brands? Which brands do you Like on Facebook and which brands do you Follow on Twitter?

If I may, I’ll share with you guys trends that I pay attention to in the social media world.

I love reading news about the advertising industry, especially focusing in social media and technological gadgets, so I follow Mashable, WOMMA, Social Media Explorer, Sharethrough and ReelSEO, etc. on Twitter. I also have a slight obsession with jeans, so I crave those photo updates on my Facebook News Feed from Diesel, Mother Denim and many more!

We are curious to know the trends you follow! Celebrate Social Media Day with us at Zooppa by leaving comments; we look forward to hearing from!


PS If you’re in the Seattle area, look for us at tonight’s #SMDay celebration at the HG Lodge in Capitol Hill.

Jasmine Moore

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