Harnessing the Kindness of the Group Through Crowdsourced Corporate Giving

At Zooppa, we know first hand about the power of crowdsourcing. Every day we delight in the collective creative energy of our community. During the holiday season, in the spirit of celebrating the power of giving, we bring you a round up of crowd sourced corporate charity campaigns that allow us all to give back by simply chiming in.

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, has committed to donating $1 million to public schools through the online charity DonorsChoose.org. To get involved, visit Bing.com/gives, simply click on a button, and they’ll donate $1 on your behalf to DonorsChoose.org. Or, you can also receive a $5 donation code to use for any DonorsChoose.org project of your choice once you set Bing as your default homepage.

Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are encouraging people to visit Walmart’s Facebook page and help decide which cities should receive $1.5 million in grants to fight hunger. Participants will choose from a list of 100 communities where hunger rates are the highest – the city with the most support will receive $1 million in grants and the next five cities with the highest support will receive $100,000 each.

The ongoing Pepsi Refresh campaign continues in to the New Year and invites you to vote on how they distribute over 1 million dollars each month. Simply go to the Refresh Everything page and vote for up to ten of your favorite ideas.

We hope this list inspires everyone to click their way to helping others. If you know of any other crowdsourced giving campaigns that should be included in our roundup, let us know.

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