Harry Potter™ for Kinect™ Awards Announced!

The awards for the Harry Potter For Kinect: A WB Games Original Musical Score Contest have been announced. Congrats to the prize winners, and much appreciation to all who participated. You’ve created enough musical magic to last us for ages to come!

1st Place: “A Wizard is Born” by SamDillard

2nd Place: “Tristan & Kurt Potter” by TrystanTyrcha

3rd Place: “Magic Begins Here” by prototyperaptor

4th Place: “A Magical Mystery” by mcandersonmusic

5th Place: “Harry Potter Adventurous Orchestral” by Geocranium

6th Place: “Harry Potter Game Trailer Music Revised” by Irockutube101

You can hear the voting winners on our Awards Page, and to enter another Zooppa contest, head to the Contests Page.

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