Here they are, the Sun Microsystems Winners!

The only thing brighter than the sun is the creative energy coming from the Zooppa community.

During the Sun Microsystems competition, Zooppa received 35 videos, a whopping 236 prints, 14 banners and 15 concepts.

Thank you for all your hard work. People at Sun Microsystems have told us that they are absolutely thrilled with the submissions, both in their quality and diversity of style.

Without further ado, I present to you the winners of the Sun Miscrosystems Startup Essential competition!

Video Awards:

1st Place – CHV, ISAAC, $500

2nd Place – jdm11b, Dreams Come True, $400

3rd Place – PIKNIK, The Essential Sun, $300

4th Place – sunshinegirl, IT Startup, $150

5th Place – matogrosso, All You Need is Sun (Na..Na..Na..Na..), $100

6th Place – MEDesign, With Sun Your Company Will Grow, $50

7th Place – RenanMoura, Maybe boss life could be better, $50

8th Place – ReelGal, The Right Stuff, $50

9th Place – LittleBabyFilms, Technology Can Be Difficult…, $50

10th Place – possend, sun for the best, $50

Zooppa Video Award

Sun Microsystems Spec Commercial, CosmicKat_Prod, $800

Sun Video Award

MEDesign, With Sun Your Company Will Grow, $1000

Print Awards

1st Place – aristotele, just enough, $200

2nd Place – lacerat, flying start, $150

3rd Place – RenanMoura, Maybe Boss life could be better, $100

Zooppa Print Award

Vincenzover, START? UP! 3, $300

Sun Print Award

davebowman, The Perfect Startup Package, $300

Banner Awards

1st Place – asleivs, leave this desert!, $100

Zooppa Banner Award

gianmarco98, we help you…the banner, $100

Sun Banner Award

Concept Award

jdm11b, Helping your small business connect, $100

claudionegri79, need a jump-start?, $150

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