Hey Seattle peeps! It’s the KOMO Video Block Party!


Represent your ‘hood! The Puget Sound area has got tons of awesome communities. From Georgetown to Ballard, Tacoma to Everett, every community is a one-of-a-kind place. To find out what makes each community special, we figured the best way is to go straight to the source: YOU.

That’s why Zooppa and KOMO news are throwing the Video Block Party.

This is your chance to give some love to your community. Make a video showing the best your block has to offer and why you’re proud to live there.

Who are your favorite neighborhood characters? What are the best local shops, restaurants and bars? Coolest hangouts? What’s your favorite dog park? In 60 seconds or less, tell us why your community is the place to live in the Puget Sound area.

Now, this is about showing your pride in YOUR community, not trashing others. So keep it positive.

All you’ve got to do is shoot your video and upload it to Zooppa.com. When you upload, remember to tag your video with the name of your community.

If you want some help getting started, check out my blog post on the basics of making videos.

Your video may be featured on KOMOnews.com’s community pages, or even on a news broadcast.

For a list of Puget Sound communities, check out the contest materials.
If your community isn’t on this list, you can still submit a video. Just make sure to tell us where in the Puget Sound area you’re from and why you love it.

In addition to neighborhood pride and internet fame, there are also some sweet cash prizes up for grabs in this competition. Show us your mobile video, short film, animation, puppet show, claymation, whatever you like! Just make it creative and about your ‘hood.

Show the world what you love about where you live.

This competition runs from August 24th until Midnight October 18th.

Three types of prizes will be awarded in this competition:

Winners of the Community Awards are chosen by popular vote among Zooppa’s creative community. The creators of the ads that receive the highest ratings win.

The winner of the Client Award is chosen by a panel of judges at our partner brand, in this case KOMO News. The creator of the ad that best fits the client’s needs and expectations will win this prize.

The Zooppa Award is given to the creator of the ad that all of us here at Zooppa like best. We view all the ads and nominate our favorites. Then everybody in the office votes and the award goes to the most popular ad.

Good luck everyone!


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