Honorable Mention Awards

Hello Zooppers,

We are now implementing Honorable Mentions to some of the contests where we see a plethora of awesome submissions!

You may have noticed that I’ve posted Honorable Mentions on the Awards page for Reebok. I thought that there were so many great submissions for the Reebok campaign that I wanted to give extra recognition to ones that Zooppa thought were particularly eye-catching. The Honorable Mention awards do not include cash prizing, but we love to promote our community members and give as much exposure as possible to these filmmakers! The selections are made at the discretion of the community manager (me!) and the awards are judged on these criteria:

  • 50% Production Quality
  • 25% Storyline
  • 25% Originality

Please let me know if you have questions regarding this at support@zooppa.com and keep an eye out for any new Honorable Mentions (pssst…our Slurpee contest may have several). Enjoy and be sure to comment if you love these videos as much as I do!


Meme E

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