How about having a Negroni? www.zooppa.com!

Negroni, Italy’s most famous aperitif, chooses Zooppa.com to relaunch its new communication campaign, for the launch of Negroni Old.

Unfailing presenze in the Italian spots: as from the 60s, to become, later, the protagonist of that “Milan to drink”, up to the modern happy hours, Negroni is certainly the aperitif that made history.

Aggregation and sharing are the values that Negroni has in common with Zooppa.com’s community, the social advertising digital platform. Through these values it will have the possibility to realize and increase the brand awareness.

Negroni’s campaign begins officially the 25th of June and will last until September 3rd, 2008:
A 11,000 $ prize at stake to the best print ads, videos, banners, radio spots or simple ideas.

Jasmine Moore

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