How Magisto Edits Your Movies

Did you know that Magisto was created by two researchers with PhDs in Computer Vision and Video Analysis? These self-identified “geeks” used cutting-edge technology and algorithms to create the best automatic video-editing app around. What puts Magisto so far ahead of the competition? Here are a few reasons:

  • Emotion sense technology: Magisto’s artificial intelligence uses your choices in music and filters to make sure your film elicits the right emotional response.
  • Footage Analysis: Magisto breaks down your footage into three key components. First, the visual analysis feature uses facial recognition technology, video stabilization, and scene analysis to capture the most exciting parts of your footage. Second, the audio analysis has speech recognition and music analysis to make sure the music and sound complement your video. Finally, the storytelling feature analyzes the topics in your footage and ‘writes’ a script for your mini-film.
  • Editing Styles: Each of Magisto’s Editing Styles were designed with mood in mind. Do you want your film to elicit a nostalgic feeling? The Sentimental filter does the job perfectly. Something a little more fun? The Roaring Twenties filter is sure to provide a goofy appeal.
  • Music: Upload a song or choose one from Magisto’s library- either way, you’ll notice that the effects are always properly synchronized to the music’s mood and tempo. Magisto’s artificial intelligence notices changes in the music and uses time warping and visual cuts to produce a compelling video.
  • Post Production: After Magisto has figured out the highlights of your footage, it uses Emotion Sense technology and artificial intelligence to decide when to incorporate professional effects. It pans and zooms on the most important moments, lowers music when someone speaks, and stabilizes footage that might be a little shaky.

There you have it! Magisto’s advanced artificial intelligence helps you tell your story how you want to. It’s easy to use, but its results are anything but random.

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