How to Convert Concepts to Great Design (pt. 1)

Developing an original and successful print ad can be daunting for a designer at any level of expertise.  Here are a few tips and tricks to translate the brilliant concept into captivating print designs.

1.  Concept Generation

Effective brainstorming builds the foundation for great design.  Before you even think about touching your mouse or track pad, break out the old pen and paper and scribble away.  Don’t commit to the first ideas you produce – it’s likely that they’ve already been thought of.  Instead, push yourself further.  Unpack your ideas and expand on them in as many directions as possible.  Only narrow your field once you feel you’ve exhausted all possibilities.

2.  Designer’s Block

If the ideas aren’t flowing, get inspired.   If you’re submitting to a Zooppa, our archive of ads from past Zooppa competitions is a great place to start.  A slew of websites aggregates the world’s best design work and places it at our fingertips.   Here are a few of them that we like:

3.  Outside the Box

Once you’ve discovered “the idea” and simply can’t wait to start designing, STOP.  Take a moment to get some perspective and think about what a successful execution looks like and the different ways you can achieve it.  And don’t necessarily run to your computer right away.  Instead, consider the different mediums that you have at your disposal—diy letterforms, pen, paint, photos.  Create more options for yourself by intermixing different mediums to produce dynamic designs.

Check back later this week for Part 2!

Jasmine Moore

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