How to Make Your Reel Larger Than Life

How a simple cord will change your technological world!

MHL stands for Mobile High Definition Link. Seemingly boring, yes, I know. But like most things in life, in order to appreciate the beauty of something you must look past the name.

MHL is a small cord, which connects 1080p high-definition videos and creates a link between your TV and Phone, in order to show pictures, movies and videos! Not only does MHL create that awesome connection, but it also charges your phone simultaneously at the same time!

Inexpensive, reliable, and helpful; MHL has what it takes to channel your creativity. For all those aspiring directors, this is a great tool to use. Put your reel on your phone to show it off at the drop of a hat! If you’re in a room full of some high-powered film executives, you can easily connect your reel to a TV in a matter of seconds, show it to the whole room at once, and then watch the job offers roll in!  You could even cut together a new reel on the fly using some smartphone video editing apps. With the ability to connect your phone to any TV your video will look bigger and brighter and could look just as good as if you cut it together at home.

Zooppa is hosting an online video competition for people to send in their original videos documenting the power of MHL. Check out some of the submissions for a broader idea of the functions of MHL according to everyday individuals just like yourself. Or if you’re a film-maker yourself, send in your own online original video documenting the power of MHL!

MHL. Mobile High Definition Link…? Or should we call it “Make Happiness Last”!? Or even “Minimum Handiwork Likely”? Or “Major High-Tech Love”!!

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