Hut. Hut. Hiiiiiike!

We’ve been yelling “Hut!” all over the office this week, getting pumped up for our PIZZA HUT® – “HUT. HUT. HUT.” contest, and someone finally asked: why do football players yell “HUT,” anyway?

Well, obviously, we know the answer is because they’re craving a hot pizza from Pizza Hut, but we thought we’d go looking for some alternative answers. And boy, did we find some: scientific answers about the low frequency of the noise and historic answers about the military’s use of “Hut!” But our favorite answer came from the players themselves: it’s just satisfying to say!

Check out this video we found on the Visual Thesaurus that will tell you almost all you need to know about “Hut!”

So why not grab a football, a camera, try out a cadence, and yell a few “HUTS” yourself?

Meme E

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