I am not an Illusion, I really exist.

His young and fresh style won everyone and convinced many of you to join the “Where I’m from? From Zooppa.com” campaign. He’s greedy for Zooppa as much that can’t help using it and was able to transform one of his passions – advertising – in a fulltime work.Forgive us for the citation (taken from his own blog), but we couldn’t forget: Not a “Chimera”… he really exists! Here we are to matter with Chimera, adv-addicted who loves getting in game and experimenting:

Tell us about you in a few words.

My name is Gianpaolo, I’m 22 years old, and I study Communication Sciences in Bari and work for about two years as art and copy in an advertising agency. I deadly love music and I am an ex-musician, I like photography and to photograph, a lot. The passion for advertising is born in these last years. I am totally in it and made it my work.

How did you find out Zooppa and what did make you stay in?

I found out Zooppa through an article on XL. The idea enthused me at once: I think that being able to prove oneself with worldwide brands is the aspiration for anyone who works in this field. Besides I think I learned so much from the works of other expert Zooppers and I saw the best way to work and to express my ideas. Here’s what makes me stay: the will to get better and better, to arrive in the top.

You’re one of the most active Zooppers, what do you like the most about our project?

I like to prove myself and find out to what I am able to create. I would be hypocritical if I would say that the economic factor is not important, but it’s not the fundamental motivation. Zooppa is a great project and to be part of that is a pleasure for me, fortifies my advertising-ego that’s eager for new challenges.

Your print ads are clean and simple and head for copywriting. How do they sprout? Do you think first about visual or text?

There’s not a unique method for me to create my ads. Sometimes an idea occurs me and then I try to translate it into images and words. Sometimes I find out a pic that inspires me and then a head is born. Generally I try to detect first a head and then I build everything else, but often I lose my journeys looking for the appropriate photo.

Do you have an idol, myth, landmark in the advertising world?

Honestly I think creativity is something really personal. It’s difficult to get inspiration from another person. In most cases it ends up to copy badly. There’s a lot of people I esteem, Oliviero Toscani first of all, and I like many agencies because of the way they work, first of all Saatchi&Saatchi.

We know you work in the advertising field; Zooppa can be a good mean to divulge the creative young talents? A start-up ramp or a gym where to jog?

Zooppa is a great place to learn and become known. Zooppa has been important to find my new job, because you offers me the possibility to demonstrate what I’m able to do in front of a such wide audience. So I could arouse the interest of who, six months before, hadn’t answered my application. Therefore I think Zooppa can be a gym for those beginners like me and a ramp for those experienced professionals that want to be just seen. The point is you never can think you’re already there.
There’s always something left to learn and for this reason Zooppa is useful only for the people who accept in a positive way even the negative comments.

In more than one occasion you have collaborated with other Zooppers for the realization of your works, we are thinking of the Zooppa contest print ad or the contribution with Naty. Have you found in Zooppa a true aggregation place and do you think the collaborations can happen also outside the net?

Collaboration is fundamental for the individual growing. It’s possible to learn so much this way.
I hope to collaborate with some Zooppers also outside the net, but now I am far away from everyone whom I would love to collaborate. The only one around here is Vitopal and I hope to meet him soon.
The collaboration with Naty was different. In my opinion she’s the best designer on Zooppa and collaborate with her is a pleasure, because she teaches me so much. The “Train your rock style” print ad for Hasbro, our only creation so far, was realized after hours and hours of researching and testing, until the achievement of the solution that satisfied both of us.

You bustled a lot to organize a Zooppa meeting in Rome, scooping us! How was born this idea?

Well, the idea is born on chat evenings, when we, Zoopers, talked a lot, making up great relationships. There was then the intention to break the “fourth wall”, to know personally the chat friends, and why not, to drink something together. It seems to be difficult to bring together so many people considering we don’t have a stipulated date yet, but I hope to see them soon, I would love to.

According to you what are the positive and the negative sides of advertising? And where should Zooppa be put?

Advertising in Italy is not so inclined to innovation and transgression and when someone tries to break these rules, there’s immediately the voracious vice of the censorship. I wonder how they can censor a meteorism afflicted squirrel as well as they allow that nearly naked girls go round on TV at every turn? It’s nonsense I think. If it would be possible to cancel everything up to now and then start it all over it would be much better. It’s necessary to get out of the canons. Obviously there’s who learned to explore at best every millimeter of liberty in spite of censorship. Here’s one of them: Leo Burnett with the chips spot played by Rocco Siffredi, which, in my modest opinion, is genius.
Zooppa puts itself, in this context, as an outlet for creativity. It’s where one can dare and it’s bringing an innovation wind gust to the Italian advertising.

Nowadays do you think advertising is trying to overcome its limits? Thinking of a hypothetical future evolution in advertising, according to you which means or solutions would be more effective?

The web is doubtless the new frontier for advertising. Zooppa is a proof of this, and who is in action knows there are already other similar situations or however related to user-generated content. It’s necessary to underline yet that the old media will never wane, despite the experts’ opinions. It’s necessary to aim to a modernization. Ah the world moves on, but we can’t remain just looking. We have great brains in Italy, let’s exploit them better.

In conclusion, Thank you, Zooppa staff, for the interview. Wow, I thought I wouldn’t come to an end!
It’s really beautiful to be part of this community. I will always say that.

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