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One of the beautiful aspects of crowdsourcing is the ability to bring together the ideas of thousands of creative individuals around the world, and using them to build a better world. Recently, we harnessed this power in IBM’s People for Smarter Cities initiative. IBM asked filmmakers, innovators and creatives alike to submit ideas on how to improve their cities in a 2-minute film, sharing stories of success and guiding others towards it.

Videos were submitted from all corners of the globe to showcase ideas that truly helped build Smarter Cities everywhere, and its success did not go unnoticed. The efforts of IBM along with these filmmakers and forward-thinkers were recognized in several national publications including Fast Company, AdAge, and The Wall Street Journal.

The grand prize winner came to us from Dublin, Ireland and was awarded a total of $12,500. Mia Mullarkey‘s submission “Granby Park” highlighted this urban ‘pop-up’ park that sprung from a vacant site in inner-city Dublin. It is completely comprised of up-cycled, recycled and donated materials to form a place for children to play, exhibitions, shows and much more.

A total of 11 films were awarded cash prizes as part of the initiative. Winners were comprised of everything from an abandoned Detroit factory turned into a fish farm, to a man who made a bicycle completely out of cardboard. However, the amount of brilliant ideas did not stop at just these 11 winners. Due to the surplus of fantastic videos submitted towards the initiative, several Honorable Mentions were chosen and showcased on IBM’s P4SC global web series.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 3.48.08 PMOne of these Honorable Mentions was submitted by filmmaker Debbie Formoso out of Los Angles. Debbie’s film was centered on Maker City LA, a workspace for creative businesses, artists and entrepreneurs. It provides these individuals with an affordable space, multidisciplinary tools and an open environment to meet other creative professionals. A habitat where the community could come together and truly create a Smarter City.

With the huge success of the campaign and the positive effects it has had on cities across the globe, we would like to thank all of the directors, cinematographers, organizations and businesses who shared their amazing stories and ideas. To check out more of the Smarter Cities initiative or to get involved, visit their site at http://people4smartercities.com/


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