If You Could Only Watch One Movie Forever

So you’re stuck on a deserted island, but you happen to have a BluRay player that runs on solar power.  A genie comes along, just stopping by, and says “Hey, want a movie to play in that thing?”

You, not wanting to pass up a great opportunity for some entertainment say, “Sure!”

“Okay,” says the Genie, “but you can only pick one. And that’s the only wish I’ll grant you.”

What do you pick!!?

Do you like to cry a lot?  Then maybe your should pick Old Yeller.  Or maybe Sophie’s Choice.  Bambi, perhaps?

Maybe, since you’re stuck on an island and probably have cried enough, you might want something to laugh at instead.  But what movie’s jokes won’t get old? Some Like it Hot? Austin Powers? Ted?

Maybe you just want to commiserate with someone in the same predicament you find yourself in, so you check out Cast Away.  Or maybe Lord of the Flies?

Me? I’m gonna pick Aladdin, because maybe then the genie will think I’m cool and give me a second wish.

What would be your desert island movie?  The one you’d watch forever?

Meme E

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