IHOP Winners Announced! Mmmmm…Pancakes!

Just the beginning for DanNguyen.

Not much happened here at Zooppa this week.  I mean sure, the IHOP winners were announced yesterday but other than that…

…wait, you say you want to know who won free breakfast for a year? And you also want to know who won $1000 for their IHOP anthem interpretation?  And who won the $500 prizes, too? And you want me to tell you right now in this blog post?

Okay, you talked me into it…  Winning free breakfast at IHOP for a year, to be awarded by the fine folks at IHOP, it’s DanNguyen with the video “The Breakfast Bunch”

For the Zooppa top prize of $1000 dollars, the winner is watchingterry with the video “Dad’s Breakfast”

2nd Place Zooppa prize winner, winning $500, keonpaz with the video “Family Breakfast”

3rd Place Zooppa prize winner, also pocketing $500, jeremyrovny with their video “IHOP Kitchen”

Congrats winners!

That all made me hungry.  I’m gonna step out to chow down on a stack of ‘cakes.

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Jasmine Moore

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