Important Clarification for Webtel.mobi Competition!!!

Hi everyone! It seems the creative brief for our Webtel.mobi competiton was a little vague about a very important distinction:

Webtel.mobi is a Specialized Mobile Provider NOT a Voice over Internet Protocol!!! No special equipment is required to use Webtel.mobi. Nor do you need to connect through your personal computer. For more details on how Webtel.mobi works, see their website, and this great video .

ANY SUBMISSION PRESENTING WEBTEL.MOBI AS A VOIP WILL BE INELIGIBLE FOR THIS COMPETITION. Before you submit your ad, please make sure it presents Webtel.mobi as a Specialized Mobile Provider.

We have updated the creative brief to reflect this distinction. We apologize for any confusion.

Thanks for your understanding.

Meme E

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  1. is there any limit of the duration?wonder to know before making this viral…due to the rules

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