Indie filmmaking success: the story of Megan Griffiths


"Look at me now..."

Filmmaking is challenging work, but can be greatly rewarding.  Megan Griffiths knows this all too well.

For twelve years Megan has worked in the Seattle indie film scene since graduating from Ohio State with a masters in film.  While working a day job at Alpha Cine, a film lab, she volunteered for four years to work on various film productions, making friends along the way.

Finally in 2011 she completed her own film that she began writing in 2003 with the help of a mostly volunteer cast & crew; friends she made on her long journey into filmmaking.

Check out this short documentary we put together on Megan and the making of her film, The Off Hours:

After premiering at Sundance, The Off Hours has gone on to critical acclaim and Megan has gone on to direct Eden, a film about sex trafficking starring some serious actors.

No longer is Megan working as a technician at Alpha Cine… now she is directing films for a living.

Go Megan, go… you deserve it.


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