IndieWire Releases Top 30 Indie Flicks for the Summer

As I’m sure most of you know, the summer is typically reserved for the biggest films of the year, all the popcorn flicks that make us buy our tickets three months in advance. This is all good and well, but what about the other guys? Films that maybe think outside the box and show us a different side of film-making. Yes, that’s right, independent films!

Based on the heavy screen time allotted for big budget films in the summer, most indie films get released in the fall as to avoid a major disappointment at the box office. Over at indiewire.com, they recently released a list of the top 30 must see independent films to check out this summer. I’m definitely down to mix it up and get some quirky humor and artsy “dutch” angles in while also enjoying some Battleships getting blown to smithereens. Balance is key.

Here’s the top ten by indiewire.com!

  1. Moonrise Kingdom (May 25)
  2. To Rome, With Love (June 22)
  3. 2 Days in New York (August 10)
  4. Beasts of the Southern Wild (June 27)
  5. Take This Waltz (June 29)
  6. The Queen of Versailles (July 6)
  7. Lawless (August 31)
  8. Your Sister’s Sister (June 15)
  9. Safety Not Guaranteed (June 8)
  10. The Intouchables (May 25)

My top pick(s) goes to both Your Sister’s Sister and Safety Not Guaranteed. Both star the multi-talented Mark Duplass (The League, Humpday).

If you’re curious to find out what the rest of the top indie films are this summer then head over to indiewire to complete the journey! Also, if you’re as stoked as I am to see Your Sister’s Sister, then take a look at the trailer below!

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