InfoJobs.it enlists Zooppa.com to help promote its services

Since October 27, Zooppa.com has been hosting an online contest for InfoJobs.it, Europe’s leader in Internet e-recruitment thanks to the high traffic its site enjoys, the number of active job offers it proposes, and the number of curricula vitae in its databanks.

The members of the Zooppa.com community, already 24,000 strong, have until December 9 to participate in the contest by proposing ads that promote InfoJobs.it. In order to take part, they have to realize advertising material in the form of videos, graphic design, Web banners, or even ad concepts by following the guidelines set out in the contest brief. The contest winners, who will be chosen by the company and the Zooppa community itself by means of voting, will receive prize money totalling 8,000 dollars.

The decision of InfoJobs.it to make use of Zooppa.com confirms the latter’s place as a leader in user-generated advertising, one of the innovative new ways for a company to establish its message by having its very own clients create it.

“Aside from branding, the active involvement of users and the development and clarification of our slogan—‘Finding work has never been this easy’—are our primary goals,” said Cristina Popper, the Country Manager of InfoJobs in Italy. “Working with Zooppa.com has allowed us to get to know our clientele better through the feedback on our Web site, www.infojobs.it, and the proposal of ideas for how better to promote it online that we have been receiving.”

The fact that InfoJobs.it has assumed a leadership role in its field is further confirmed by the Nielsen NetRatings, which started to indicate that www.infojobs.it was the best e-recruitment company in Italy only a year and a half after the Web site had been launched. Now, two years on, InfoJobs.it has continued to prove its worth as time has passed. In September 2008 Nielsen-NetRatings demonstrated that InfoJobs.it had become the leader in its category on the “Home & Work Panel” with 1,201,964 distinct visitors, about 300,000 more than the runner-up, after having registered user activity on 40,450,295 Web pages. These results are important for their confirmation of user satisfaction with the InfoJobs.it Web site and of the frequency with which the site is visited.


Zooppa.com represents a new advertising model based on user-generated ad campaigns created by the site’s very own community of users.
On the basis of a contest brief, the site’s participants propose their ideas for advertisements promoting high-quality brand names in the hope of winning prizes and in order to gain visibility for their work.

After having hosting contests for a series of important companies including Kit Kat, Mini, TomTom, RAI, Enel, and Invicta, Zooppa.com has demonstrated that it is a valid means of advertising for those who believe in the power of the new instruments of communication of the Web 2.0 era and that it offers an effective showcase for the work of creative minds.

InfoJobs is a private Spanish company specialized in e-recruitment that has become the European leader in its field for the amount its site is visited, the number of job offers it proposes, and the number of curriculum vitae registered in its database. Online in Italy since 2004, the site quickly became recognized as one of the most effective of those dedicated to helping people find work.
The remarkable success that InfoJobs.it has achieved throughout Italy testifies to the high quality of its service, which aims to streamline the selection process both for employers seeking candidates and for individuals seeking employment. The keywords of the Infojobs.it business philosophy and strategy are service, speed, quality, prestige, innovation, and security.
InfoJobs.it is about to reach a level of 2 million registered job candidates and has already enlisted 30,000 companies seeking employees.

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