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Hello borderline unhealthy, obsessed with advertising, creative geniuses. AKA: ZOOPERS! I know exactly how you feel. Because I am one of you. Maybe your looking to land your dream job at a big agency or design firm. Or maybe you are still in school and just trying to get some work to add to your book. Or maybe you already had your dream job at a big agency, and now your retired. No matter what stage of these you’re at right now, we all have something in common. A little obsession with the world of advertising. So while you’re waiting for that big agency to call and offer you a job, why not pick up a little light reading? I have come up with a list of 4 must read books if you are in the advertising business, or working on being in the advertising business. So here it goes, happy reading!

1. Luke Sullivan’s Hey Whipple, Squeeze This

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About the Book: This is the new edition of the irreverent, celebrated bestseller, master copywriter Luke Sullivan looks at the history of advertising, from the good, to the bad, to the ugly. Updated to cover online advertising, this edition gives you the best advertising guidance for traditional media and all the possibilities of new media and technologies. You’ll learn why bad ads sometimes work, why great ads fail, and how you can balance creative work with the mandate to sell. This is a must read for anyone in the business or anyone who hopes to be one day.

About the Author: Luke Sullivan is an award-winning copywriter with thirty years experience in the business at many of the top agencies in the country such as, Fallon McElligott and the Martin Agency. Luke has over twenty medals to his name in the prestigious advertising award show-One Show. He currently is the Group Creative Director at GSD& M In Austin, Texas.

2. How to Put Your Book Together and Get a Job in Advertising: 21st Century Edition by Maxine Paetro

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About the Book: This book is great if you are in the process of putting together your first portfolio. Whether you are a copywriter or art director, this book provides you with everything you will need to know to guide you in putting together your first book. It is written by a very successful former creative department administrator. This is the 4th edition, being updated in order to keep up with this ever-changing industry. This book will explain to you what a “professional” book consists of as well as tips on presenting your book and yourself effectively. The advice comes from someone who saw anywhere from 10-20 books a day, so she knows what creative directors are looking for. I promise you the tips, secrets and information in this book will help make the process of landing an ad job a little easier, and not so long.

About the Author: From 1975 through 1987 Maxine Paetro was a recruiter and EVP creative department manager at many large and successful New York City advertising agencies.

3. Pick Me: Breaking Into Advertising and Staying There by Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin

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About the Book: Many people might think they want a job in advertising, probably beacuase they watch Mad Men. However, it isn’t as easy as it is on TV. Advertising is a great industry to be in, but actually landing a job-or even your foot in the door, is very hard. So if you find yourself asking the question, “how do I get a job in advertising” –this book has the answers you have been looking for. The thing I like best about this book is that fourteen industry superstars share their insights and explain how they broke into the business. You’ll hear from Bob Barrie, Rick Boyko, David Droga, Mark Fenske, Neil French, Sally Hogshead, Mike Hughes, Shane Hutton, Brian Millar, Tom Monahan, Chuck Porter, Bob Scarpelli, Chris Staples, and Lorraine Tao. I always think it is interesting to hear everyone’s stories, it kind of gives your more inspiration to write your own. Bottom line about this book: Forget the clichés; forget the Mad Men comparisons, this is advertising as it really is. If you’re stuck on making it, this book will point you in all the right directions for a career in the most exciting businesses on the planet.

In Pick Me, the authors also answer all the ad career questions you have, like:

  • Is advertising right for me?
  • How do I build a killer portfolio?
  • How do I get an interview with the elusive creative director?
  • Should I accept an unpaid internship?
  • How do I find the right partner?
  • How do I beat creative block?
  • How do I avoid burnout?

About the Authors: Authors Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin are veteran creative directors and longtime creative partners. Nancy Vonk is Co-Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto. She started at Ogilvy in 1988 as an art director. She had previously worked at shops in Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Toronto. Janet has worked at Y&R, Leo Burnett and Ogilvy, twice, where she met creative soul mate, Nancy.  While working together their work has won Cannes Lions, One Show Pencils and Clios.

4. Russell Wiley Is Out To Lunch Richard Hine’s Debut Novel

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About the Book: Richard Hine’s debut novel Russell Wiley Is Out To Lunch is a corporate satire, set in the New York media industry, that looks at the challenges of print media in making the transition to the digital age. Written by a true media insider, the novel will be published by Amazon’s new AmazonEncore imprint this October, will connect immediately with readers throughout the media and advertising business, and will resonate with everyone who works in a troubled industry. Book reviews include Publishers Weekly: “Will make readers cheer… one part Glengarry Glen Ross and two parts Sophie Kinsella …a winner in every way.” And from Paul Steiger, Editor-in-Chief, ProPublica.org: “A rollicking satire about the slitherings of corporate snakes and the gambits of conjob consultants in the desperate world of modern media, where fickle advertisers and disgruntled readers breathlessly lurch toward the Next Big Thing.” The book will be available October 12, 2010, and in order to publicize the book launch, Amazon & Zooppa just launched the world’s 1st crowdsourced book-launch promotion contest. The mission is to Create video, graphic design or banner ads by following the creative requirements of the creative brief, that will spark interest in the release of Russell Wiley Is Out to Lunch and direct viewers/readers to order a copy from the main online sites or their favorite bookstore – VERY EXCITING! Click here to enter the competition on Zooppa.com. And click here to pre-order your copy of the book from amazon.com!

About the Author: Richard Hine was born in London and began his career as an advertising copywriter. He moved to New York when he was twenty-four, held creative and marketing positions at Adweek; Time magazine – where he went on to become the publisher of Time’s Latin America edition; and the Wall Street Journal, where he was the marketing vice president responsible for the launch of the Journal’s Weekend Edition. Since 2006, Hine’s work included, a marketing and media consultant, ghostwriter, and novelist. His fiction has appeared in many literary publications, such as London Magazine and the Brooklyn Review. He currently lives in New York City. (Amazon.com)

So there it is! All these books can be purchased on amazon.com by clicking on the link provided! I hope you enjoy them, and here is a list of some other must-reads when you are done with these 4! Have a great weekend everyone! Click on the title to order from amazon.com

Juicing the Orange: How to Turn Creativity into a Powerful Business Advantage by Pat Fallon and Fred Senn

Sagmeister: Made you look by Stefan Sagmeister

Hoopla: The Story of Crispin Porter+Bogusky by Warren Berger

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