“Instagram for Video” app Viddy: A Solution to on-the-go Film Production?

On April 11th, Viddy Inc. introduced their streamlined movie studio app that taps the creative potential of those always on the go. Viddy gives smartphone users the capability to capture video on their mobile phone, apply music and hip filters, and upload it on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The company has also released its own social network to patrons looking for an efficient way to host videos.

Of course, anything video catches our attention here at Zooppa and, from that, it has left us pondering the potential of the app for the Zooppa Community. If you are tired of hearing about video apps out there, wait just one second…

Viddy claims that their app design is easier to work with than iMovie IOS. That’s quite a statement to make against an app that currently dominates the iPhone video editing market. Still not interested? Only two weeks into its launch, Viddy has already consumed an impressive 150,000 downloads from the Apple App Store.

So, at this point do I have you somewhat interested on how to get in the action? Well, for those of you who have an iPhone, you are in luck! Viddy is available for FREE in the app store. To those holding your precious Android in your hand while reading this post, you’ll have to find your patience as Viddy, Inc. has announced that it plans on expanding to Android and other mobile phone platforms “in the near future”.  And for those already diggin’ Viddy – they have also hinted that premium production packs are just around the corner.

We’d like to get the opinions of our Zooppa Community that have given it a whirl – just a way to throw quick vids to friends or is it really a solution to on-the-go film production?

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